Meet The Owner

My name is Fontane, the owner of Itchyichi. I was living in a gorgeous city, Hong Kong for over 26 years, and I started my life over in Vancouver since 2015.

I fell in love with vintage style DIY(do it yourself) since I was little and can’t stop sewing with fabrics, making my own bags, wallets, and almost everything.

From June of 2013, I quit my full time job to start an online business on Instagram. Itchyichi has taken over 800 orders within a year.

There have been many tears of anguish as well as happiness with my job. Even though Itchyichi has brought me many challenges,

it remains a great part of my life. However, now Itchyichi must go in a new direction. I hope you guys will enjoy the new Itchyichi.

Stay tuned! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any inquiries. ♥

Our Ranges of Products

The inspiration of our products are drawn from vintage style all around the world.

Such as Boro stitching techniques from Japan and handbag with
bamboo handles from 60’s to 80’s fashion trend.

We also love to combine leather and fabric to create fusion of modern and vintage products.

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