Elemental Trends Fall Harvest Market 2016


Before the market

Since I haven’t attend a craft show for over half year, you have no idea how nervous and excited I was to prepare for this market ….

And this time, I have to improve my table top display. All those stands that I bought 1-2 years ago are not nice enough. They’re only for small bags. When every time customer tries to reach one of them, the stand wiggles lol. So I have to be serious about this.

I’ve got free wasted wood boards from my friend’s garage.

itchyichi's wood workItchyichi's wood works

Did some cutting, sanding, drilling and applying primer……….


whoopee~~~~~Here they are!

Ithcyichi's craft show displayitchyichi's craft show display

Love to make old things into new, useful stuff ♥ They just need some brackets, hinges, sand paper, nails and primer for less then 30 bucks. Isn’t it amazing?

Ok, now let’s go on to the checklist:

Calculator, check ✅
Table cloth, check ✅
Square, check ✅
Wood boards displays, check ✅
Paper bags, check ✅

Oh I’m still missing a business card holder. Couldn’t find anything to show them nicely. So I took my nephew’s Legos to “build” one 😅.

Itchyichi's business card stand

It’s show day!

Last Sunday, I had an awesome craft show with all talented artist at Elemental Trends Fall Harvest Market! Thank you so much for arranging all artists under 1 roof ☺. I met a lot of amazing new friends and got lots of pretty stuff!! It’s very nice to meet you all. Can’t wait to see you guys again next time:)

Elemental Trends Fall Harvest Market 2016 ItchyichiCute stuff from vendors

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